Sometimes it’s a struggle to find a way to fill the hours when we’re stuck at home. Here are some suggestions – please feel free to add your own in the comments below, and if you find this information useful please share – we want to reach as many people as possible!

Learn something new
Why not try a free course from OpenLearn? Whether you’re into art, literature, science, or something else, there’s bound to be a course to interest you.

Watch a movie
Netflix, Amazon Prime, and NowTV have movies for a paid subscription.

Visit a museum
Take a virtual tour of a famous museum or gallery such as the Natural History Museum, the Smithsonian, the Uffizi Gallery, and many more on Google Arts and Culture.

Paint a picture
Paint along with Bob Ross as he captures the beauty of a Walk in the Woods, or put your own vision on canvas.

Learn a language
Duolingo has fun exercises for free.

Learn Sign Language
Learn British Sign Language for free with the Doncaster Deaf Trust (you need to create an account and log in).

Discover a planet
Spot a planet orbiting a distant star as an Exoplanet Explorer, one of many projects on Disciplines include space, arts, history, science, climate…

Explore Space
The European Space Agency has the ESASky portal that lets you view any part of the sky, plus lots of images and activities for adults and children to explore.

Do yoga
Popular YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene has an 11 minute Wake Up Yoga session to start your day, and many more to try. If that seems too strenuous, why not try her Yoga For Couch Potatoes?

Read a book
You can download the Amazon Kindle app and buy books online for as little as 99p. At the moment, Amazon are offering a number of titles for free, including children’s books, school books and classics.

Write a book
They say everyone has a book in them… Read novelist Sally O’Reilly’s Ten top tips for writing a novel to help get you started.

Try a new recipe
Check out Jack Monroe’s website for tasty recipes, many of which you can make from tins and store cupboard ingredients.

Watch television online
All the usual channels have TV programmes available on demand – you might find a box set of your favourite comedy or drama to binge.
BBC – ITV – Channel 4 – Channel 5

Play a game
Play a silly computer game on Miniclip – those aliens won’t shoot themselves!

Learn to code
Learn how to write computer programs for free with Codecademy (also has paid premium content) or Freecodecamp – it could lead to a new career…

Try origami
Follow this YouTube tutorial to make a beautiful crane, or a creased up piece of paper

Make your own pasta
Pasta can be hard to find in the shops at the moment, but Jamie Oliver has a simple pasta recipe using just flour and water – no pasta machine needed – just a rolling pin.

Learn to play a musical instrument
Don’t have an instrument? How about making your own carrot flute or banging out some rhythms with a bit of cup drumming?

Take up meditation
The Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel has a 7 Min Meditation to Start Your Day that’s suitable for all levels.

Rediscover poetry
The Poetry Foundation has hundreds of poems on its website, from classics to contemporary poems with modern themes.

Become a poet
If you’ve rediscovered poetry and it’s inspired you, why not try writing your own? You can hear advice on getting started on OpenLearn.

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