It can be hard to motivate yourself to stay fit, especially if the exercises seem unrealistic for someone like you. Please feel free to add any suggestions and links for keeping fit in the comments below, and if you find this information useful please share – we want to reach as many people as possible!

Check out the We Are Undefeatable website for some inspiration and practical advice on finding activities that work for people with health conditions.

(Video shows mature gentleman with type 2 diabetes walking, exercising, playing cricket, and dancing)
The outdoor gym might be off-limits, but Zahoor also likes to dance around his living room – why not have a dance around yours?

Sometimes you just need a bit of help to build up your strength, perhaps after an operation. The Royal Voluntary Service has some easy exercises you can do sitting on a kitchen chair, but if you have a health condition check with your GP before starting.

If you need exercises which are accessible to people with a range of impairments, check out Mr Motivator’s routines on the MS Trust website. They’re aimed at people with Multiple Sclerosis, but suitable for anyone with mobility issues or whose condition makes them feel fatigued. As Mr Motivator says, “Listen your body” and take care not to overdo it.

Yoga can provide gentle exercise, and popular YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene has a seven minute Yoga For Couch Potatoes session, and many more to try. You can adapt it to suit your body – as Adriene says, “If yours doesn’t look like this because of your couch or your body, you can still find what feels good.” Be careful you don’t fall off your sofa when she moves to the edge like I did!


There’s so much advice about diet available online, but not all of it is from a reliable source. The NHS One You website has healthy recipes to help you eat better.

Do you know your BMI (Body Mass Index)? This Healthy Eating page has a BMI calculator to help you figure it out, plus advice on food, diet and health for people with different conditions.

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